Following the Prime Ministers updating of the Covid rules, with a continuation of the ban on large gatherings and the ongoing impact on wider experiential activity, which is likely to last for up to another six months and the impact that this will, likely have on our 2021 Together Is Better campaigns programme, we decided to make some changes which will certainly impact on our first campaign which will be the 5th Dinner To Dine For in February and possibly on our second campaign, the market-leading 4th A Better Breakfast in March.

As a result of tighter Covid regulations Dinner To Dine For & A Better Breakfast may run without live RoadShows!

Both campaigns are scheduled to include both live RoadShows and virtual streamed gallery style experiential, supported by media, social, promotional and trade support. However in the light of the latest tightening of the Covid rules, we believe that we may have to run, certainly Dinner To Dine For and possibly A Better Breakfast, without the live RoadShows and focusing experiential solely on the virtual streamed activity. However this is not yet set in stone as the Covid status may be relaxed. We’ll naturally update the status over the coming months.