Although restrictions are being eased for Christmas as well as with the new vaccine developments which will hopefully could mean a return to some sort of normality by April next year, there is still a great degree of uncertainty over what that normality could be and when it may happen!

So whatever happens we’ve revised the operation of our Together is Better™ campaigns so as to make sure that in pretty much any eventuality, we’ve got you covered!

Live RoadShows + Virtual live streamed Experiential + all usual media/social/promotional/trade support activities.

Aside from the substantial and upweighted media, social, promotional and trade support coverage we’re also mounting a two-pronged experiential approach across all of our campaigns, with both live experiential RoadShows with major product demo and sampling opportunities, as well as Covid-friendly live-streamed virtual, gallery style experiential product demos and discussions with Social-sampling through our unique Grocery Gratis™ programme!