Birds Eye Green Cuisine “Super pleased” “We were keen to be the Official Plant-based sponsor of National BBQ Week in 2021 and were super pleased with the results sampling over 20k across our Birds Eye Green Cuisine Meatball, Sausage and Burger range and driving positive awareness for the brand.” Tory Westwood – SBM – Birds Eye Green Cuisine

Budweiser “Awesome Results” “Working with National BBQ Week as the Official BBQ Beer really helped us get the message out there that nothing pairs better with BBQ than an ice-cold Bud. Cheers to a sizzling partnership and awesome results!”  Amar Singh – SBM – Budweiser, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Bull’s-Eye –  “Great participation”  “Working with National BBQ Week as the BBQ Condiment sponsor was really great, it helped raise awareness and to get the Bull’s-Eye brand out there. All in all, a great participation that worked really well!Laura Guenault – SBM – Bull’s-Eye, Kraft Heinz

Beefsteak Club“Thrilled” “We worked with National BBQ Week to ‘beef up’ Britain’s BBQs in 2021, raising awareness of Beefsteak Club as the ultimate barbecue wine. We were thrilled with the positive feedback from the roadshows, as well as the reach and RoI of the campaign.” Susannah Greenstreet – MM – Beefsteak Club, Ehrmanns Wines

Sainsbury’s “Delighted” “Working with the team at National BBQ Week was a great opportunity to drive awareness of the new Sainsbury’s pork and hot dog products that launched for the Summer BBQ season. There was strong brand presence and we were delighted with the results and positive feedback received, as well as the strong media and social campaign presence”. Mike Woodford –SCM – Sainsbury’s Pork/Cranswick

That’s good to be good! All sponsors received massive impact/engagement & RoI! So make sure you join them in one of our next campaigns!